Cancellation - Return - Refund policy

We always strive hard for the complete customer care and customer satisfaction. All requests for refunds will be carefully considered by our customer service team. To further expedite your request for cancellation/return/refund process you can contact us by phone or emailing at

Cancellation Policy:

Generally it takes 4 - 8 working days to send the purchased product after accepting your payment. You can also contact our customer care staff with your order number and payment details to raise a cancellation request by mailing to or by calling to our customer care number. It is advised to make the cancellation requests as early as possible or at least within 3 days after you make the payment which enables us to stop the dispatch. If your order has been dispatched but yet not delivered by the time you make a cancellation request please do not take the delivery and contact our customer care staff to inform the same. In such cases also the shipping and handling charges will be deducted from your payment and the balance will be refunded.

Return Policy:

Results of herbal products are gradual when compared to chemical, allopathic medicines but their effects are long-lasting without any side effects. So we advise not to be hurry to return herbal products without using it for a required and recommended period.  Once you finally decided to return the product please as a first step take a RRI (Return Request Intimation) Number by contacting us by email to or contacting our customer care number. Then you will be issued this number by our staff to you which should be referred on your returning pack. Only getting this RRI number does not imply that you are eligible for refund. Further, you have to comply with the other instructions as mentioned in this chapter. After receiving our RRI number then you may start the returning process. It is a must to inform us first about your return of goods before you send it. Goods you send without our prior approval will not be accepted. You need to send the unit/units back to the address provided by our customer care staff. You have to send the product back on your own expenses. The item/items should reach us intact without any damage or mixes. Once the item is received in our warehouse, it undergoes the Product Inspection which takes 2 working days after the receipt of the product/products. The refunds are usually initiated within 2 working days after the product inspection is over. While sending back the product/products to us please ensure that you return in tamper-proof pack. When you return our product/products the shipping, handling charges and other charges whatever were incurred by us for your order delivery will be deducted from your refundable amount. PLS NOTE THAT USED MATERIAL IS NOT ACCEPTED FOR REFUND AND ONLY UN-OPENED BOX/BOXES IN INTACT CONDITION ARE ACCEPTED FOR REFUND.   

Refund Policy:

Refunds are applicable only to returned goods which are in original (un-opened) form without any damages, additions and contaminations. When the quality of the return product/products is found satisfactory to us in our product inspection, then only we allow the refund for such product/products. Usually, refunds are initiated within 2 working days of Product Inspection. All refunds are through bank only. You will receive a refund of purchase price minus shipping and handling charges. Refused or returned packs that are sent to us without prior approval from our customer care staff are not considered for refund.


                 Toll Free No: 1800-120-8969 (Between 10.00 hrs – 18.00 hrs IST)

                 Customer care: +91-8897175858 (Between 10.00 hrs – 18.00 hrs IST) 

"Overseas buyers for purchases please contact to

Our products are manufactured based on the texts of Indian Ayurveda. Since our products are manufactured in India, we conform only the standards, rules and regulations set up by Indian/State governments of India. As such, it is not obligatory for manufacturer or seller to comply the rules and regulations of other countries, in case, our products are purchased by overseas buyers. When an overseas buyer ordered or purchased our product/products, it is deemed that, it has been done so on his/her personal interest.

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