“Ayurveda” – a word of Sanskrit language means “Life Science” (Ayur=Life, Veda=Science). Ayurveda (Indian Herbal Medicine System) is the oldest surviving, complete and comprehensive medical system on the earth. Its origin goes back to more than 5000 years. It was developed by ancient spiritual Saints, Rishis, Sages, Physicians of India with their thousands of years’ trials, tests, practical experiences with herbs and plants. Around in the 6th century BC this “Art of Indian Ayurveda” had inspired many Buddhist monks who later spread this herbal science around many countries like China, Tibet, Korea, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Bhutan etc., where they travelled to. So Ayurveda is native to the Indian subcontinent and is considered as the “Mother of Healing”.

Ayurveda believes that, the human body is composed of and controlled by five elements (Pancha bhutas) namely Air, Water, Fire, Space and Earth. According to its principles, these five elements form three chief energies called as VATA (derived from the elements of Air & Space), PITTA (derived from the elements of Fire & Water) and KAPHA (derived from the elements of Earth & Water) which govern the human body. For the people who are not concerned with Ayurvedic field, it may be confusing to understand deeply this concept, but broadly it means that every living being has certain composition that contains these five elements in balanced ratios. Every individual has invariably to depend on these five elements. Ayurveda says all living beings including human beings, for their existence, depend on and use things made by or coming out of these five elements like water we drink, air we breathe, food we eat, plants we use, weather conditions we feel etc. Any disturbance or imbalance in these five elements would lead to some disturbance, disorder in human body. These disorders are mainly categorized as VATA doshas (disorders due to Space & Air related elements), PITTA doshas (disorders due to Water & Fire related elements) and KAPHA doshas (disorders due to Earth & Water related elements). A harmonious balance and the check of these three doshas (disorders) lead to a healthy body and sound mind all with the natural equilibrium of the body. Broadly, it stresses on the balances of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components required for “Holistic Health” of a human being. According to Ayurveda, a medicine in not a healthcare it is only a sick-care, whereas, your immunity is your healthcare. Apart from these, Ayurveda also emphasizes on the treatments and theories of “Prevention is better than cure”, “Rout-out the root cause of disease”, “Immunity to prevent and fight diseases”, “Chemical free body”, “Organic Food”, “Longevity”  “Healthy food practices”,  “Physical exertion” and “Healthy living styles” “Near to Nature”etc. It considers people as an integral part of their habitat and not as a separate entity from the natural world. It says the Earth is bestowed with numerous varieties of effective herbs, plants which have dramatic power to cure the mild to severe ailments naturally all with NO side effects. Every plant or herb on the Earth has little or more medicinal value which many of us do not know. One plant or one herb may be useful for multiple disorders, so the parts of plants and doses are used and adjusted to meet the particular targets (diseases). Each part of the plant has its unique therapeutic efficacy against different disorders.

Unlike chemical, allopathic medicines, ZERO Side Effects are one of the most characteristic features of Indian Ayurveda. Herbal supplements, medicines act slowly to cure the disease, but additionally they also cure the root-cause of the problem without any side effects as an extra and important benefit.

Earlier the entire Ayurvedic literature, documentation was available only in Sanskrit or other Indian languages and as such it was not popularized worldwide as fast as allopathic, chemical medicines had been popularized. Now the entire information of Ayurveda was made to be available in English and other international languages. With the availability of Ayurvedic information in global languages, the ancient Indian herbal medicine system (Ayurveda) has gained momentum, revival due to which now globally herbal-consciousness is growing fast among people. Many scientific studies, researches were also conducted to evaluate and to prove the safety & efficacy of plants, herbs being used in Indian Ayurveda. For past 2 – 3 decades people worldwide have realized the “Safety and Efficacy” of Ayurveda – The Indian Herbal Medicine System which is applauded as a “True gift of the Indian ancient civilization to the modern world”. Gradually, health-conscious people are coming back to the Nature i.e. relying on herbs, plants. Now many scholars, doctors, scientists, intellectuals, celebrities all over the world are among the regular users of herbal products. In the United States and many other western, European countries also, the practice of Indian Ayurveda is licensed under Complementary health care & Alternative Medicine (CAM). Earlier, for the want of one or a few components/compounds, the entire components/compounds of a plant or its parts needed to be consumed. But, in recent years the latest technologies, in India, were also developed to isolate and extract the only useful and needed components/compounds from plants to be used in herbal (ayurvedic) medicines, leading to avoidance of the consumption of waste and needless components/compounds of a plant by users and to give more effect too. For all these pragmatic and positive reasons, Ayurveda stood to the test of time and was able to survive till now.  


When there is no health there is nothing in human life. So it was aptly said Health is Wealth. Many times health is not valued till sickness comes.In these present modern, speedy, busy-scheduled times and urbanization lives became stressful and mechanical. Pollution related disorders also became one of challenges. People circumstantially or un-avoidably, even don’t find time to follow required healthy practices to maintain their health which shows considerably negative effect on one’s immunity. Now majority people became easily prone to pollution, allergies, stress, depression, chemically grown food, weak immunity and many more health related disorders. Unfortunately, it is found most of the youth is also busy with many health problems. Mostly it is because of “Lack of Immunity” and “Changed Life Styles” “Changed food practices” i.e. going away from the Nature and its principles. “Back to the Nature” is one of the best and safe solutions to these upsets.

Body is a living machine and it works non-stop for years together till the life ends. As such it regularly needs its proper maintenance in the form of appropriate “fuel of food”, appropriate “immunity”, appropriate “physical work” for its long and well functioning. But strangely, the tendency of majority section of people is that, they take every protective measure for the safety of their property, wealth but when it comes to the point of their health they simply neglect or postpone such protective measures needed for the safety of their health which is more valuable than their wealth. Wealth is of no use when there is no Health because illness not allows enjoying the wealth in all counts. On other hand, strangely, large sections of people like to spend lavishly on luxuries, cosmetics, wine & dine but they hesitate to spend little amounts on health-savers useful for the maintenance of good health. When your immunity is wrong medicines are of no much use, when your immunity is right there is no much need of medicines to use. So it is the immunity that plays the key role in the maintaining of the good health and improving the longevity in the life of an individual. The more health you maintain the more longevity you obtain. When you become quite “Fit and Immune” you will largely be free from diseases. This “staying-healthy for long periods” condition largely protects you from diseases, delays ageing process to prolong youth, improves longevity, keeps you active and confident, drastically cuts your medical expenses, saves your precious times, avoids mental tensions, etc. Except for a few reasons, largely our health is in our hands. With well awareness, with a few protective & precautionary measures, by using natural substances we can maintain and protect our health very well

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