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Ayurveda – a combination of two words “Ayur (Life) & Veda (Science)” i.e. the “Science of Life”. The traditional Indian Herbal Medicine System is well known for centuries for its curative and prophylactic properties all with no harm and no side effects. This Ayrvedic science is oriented in India and developed by Indian ancestors. Unfortunately, this Indian herbal medicine system, on one hand, previously, was confined only to certain Indian languages and on the other hand it was suppressed by a long-term alien rule in India. Consequently, this wonderful medical knowledge was not made known to the world for long time. However, for past 2 – 3 decades the information belonging to this herbal wisdom and researches over medicinal herbs were introduced to the world in many international languages and as such this natural medicine system gained global momentum and resurgence spreading the consciousness of herbs among people irrespective of region and religions. (Please see Ayurveda page)


M/s Divya Vedic Herbal Pharmacy (manufacturing division) and M/s Sai Bhuvana Internationals (marketing division) have a great saga of Ayurveda (Indian Herbal Medicine System) from their ancestors who were engaged in trading of medicinal herbs since 1940. At those times, they happened to travel all the Himalayan regions for precious herbs which were exported mainly to Hongkong, China and other East-Asian countries. With the spirit of our ancestors’ tradition, all our generations continued the association with medicinal herbs till now. Later, it led to the establishment of its foothold in to the manufacturing of classic herbal products also, by integrating the ancient knowledge with the modern technology. With a view to deliver the boons of Ayurveda to the every home near and far, the promoters introduced a few important herbal products which help for happy & healthy life.Now our products have place all over the world.

We are sincerely committed to the using of refined, genuine, pure organic herbal ingredients in our products. We have our own cultivation facilities and also arrangements with various farming sections for the production and procurement of pure organic herbal materials needed for the manufacturing of our herbal products. We never compromise over Quality and Standards. You will surely get the “True Value” of your money from our products. Unlike many other companies, we took the most of ingredients of our products in their extracted forms, to give the most desired results. Our products are manufactured in the utmost hygienic conditions as specified by Indian Govt. health departments, under the supervision of experienced and learned physicians.

Only the regular usage of genuine, standard herbal products bestows the desired results. One should also be beware of low quality, cheap and fake herbal products which do not give desired effects. No doubt genuine and standard herbal products may have comparatively higher prices but they do give more effective results.

Our products Immuvita & Immuvita-Jr, Diabar, Viriltone are useful supplements in immunity, diabetes, sex related aspects respectively. Make our herbal products as a part of your life and they will help you enjoy The Joy of Healthy Living.                  

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Our products are manufactured based on the texts of Indian Ayurveda. Since our products are manufactured in India, we conform only the standards, rules and regulations set up by Indian/State governments of India. As such, it is not obligatory for manufacturer or seller to comply the rules and regulations of other countries, in case, our products are purchased by overseas buyers. When an overseas buyer ordered or purchased our product/products, it is deemed that, it has been done so on his/her personal interest.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is not intended to be a substitute for any professional medical advice or treatment or any medical diagnosis.